Innovative Uses For Conch Shells

Conch Shell In The Ocean

Conch Shell In The Ocean

Conch shells are more than just attractive nautical collectibles with striking detail, their unique properties make them perfect for dozens of other reasons. Instead of tossing them in a closet or dresser drawer never to be seen or heard of again, you should consider using them in them in other, more innovative ways. While you may already know some of the uses of conch shells, chances are there are others that will surprise you.

People have used these natural wonders of the ocean as tools, weapons and even cooking utensils for thousands of years. After harvesting the delectable meat, islanders would then use the shell for one of many different purposes. Even without any altering, conch shells were capable of holding water and other liquids. Islanders would also break pieces of the shell off to use as as piercing weapons. Of course, these are just a few of the many historical uses of the conch shell.

Decorative Home Accessory

Conch shells are wonderful decorative accessories that add a unique nautical element to the atmosphere. Placing just one or two pristine specimens on your living room coffee table, end table or fireplace mantle will significantly improve the decor. If you enjoy the relaxing ocean-themed styles of beach homes and condos, then you're sure to enjoy the rich atmosphere created by a couple decorative conch shells.

Because of their soft coloring, conch shells naturally flow with a variety of home decors. Although they vary in color, most conch shells feature shades of white, pink and tan, all of which are incredibly easy to match. No matter what color palette is used in your home, the soft tones of a conch shell is sure to match.

Candies For a Conch Shell

Candies For a Conch Shell

Candy Dish

Conch shells also double as attractive candy dishes. Instead of filling up a glass bowl with candy, try placing it in a conch shell. The natural curvature of conch shells make them perfect for holding small items, including candy. Whether it's chocolate pieces, peppermint, jelly beans, licorice or practically any other sweet, these elegant shells are the perfect holders.

The one problem some people may have with larger conchs is not being able to reach their candy. If the lip is too deep and you can't reach the candy, try stuffing some paper towels or tissue down inside. This will keep the candy closer to the outer lip so you can reach it more easily. However, this should only be a problem for exceptionally large shells and not normal-sized ones.

Note: Please remember to thoroughly clean your conch shell before placing any edibles inside it. The fact is that you just don't know what kind of bacteria and germs are living inside it. Use a small amount of diluted bleach to flush out the shell before placing any edibles inside.

Small Flower Pot

Another neat little use for a conch shell is to turning it into a flower pot. As long as the shell is deep enough, it should be able to hold enough potting soil for a small plant or flower. Just place a small amount of soil along with a seed of your choosing down into the shell and wait for it to sprout. Keep the soil-filled shell in front of a window where it will receive some natural sunlight and give it some water occasionally. Before you know it, you'll have a lively plant blooming out of your conch shell!

If you don't want to mess with soil, you can always choose an artificial plant instead. Some of the fake plants out there look incredibly real, so much in fact that most people can't tell the difference. Just place it inside your conch shell like a normal plant and strategically set it up somewhere in your room or home.

Door Stopper

Would you have guessed that conch shells are frequently used as door stoppers? Their large size and solid feel make them perfect for holding open doors. In most cases, the original weight of the shell is enough to prevent a typical home door from closing. In other cases, though, you may need to add some additional weight to it, such as pellets or glass beads.

Also, I don't recommend using your favorite conch shell as a door stopper. Although it probably won't cause any serious damage, constant use may eventually chip and wear some of the outer shell down, and there's nothing worse than chipping your favorite conch shell. Only use older, already damaged shells to avoid such a disaster.

Conch Shell Gift

Conch Shell Gift


Conch shells are also a more meaningful and unique gift than the traditional shirt or tie. Let's face it, most people are drawn to the beach. Just being near the ocean creates a comforting, relaxing sensation that overwhelms your body. Conchs shells provide this similar effect, only on a smaller level. So the next time you are faced with the task of buying a gift for someone, consider giving them a conch shell. These natural wonders of the ocean make the perfect "thoughtful" gift for any ocean or beach-loving individual.

Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary or practically any other occasion, conch shells make wonderful gifts. Their unique beauty and nautical appeal creates a truly sensational gift for people of any age. Young, old or anywhere in between, you can't go wrong with a conch shell gift. Just tie a ribbon around it and voila!

And Much, Much More...

These are just a few of the countless different uses for conch shells. Because of their attractive physical characteristics and high durability, these items are ideal in a number of crafts, arts and projects. Don't be afraid to use your conch shell for other reasons not mentioned here. As long as you properly maintain and care for it, your conch shell should offer several years of use. Thanks again for reading and be sure to drop us a comment if you have other ides that aren't mentioned here.